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Runtime: 26 minutes 53 seconds


Aspect Ratio: 16/9

Format: Digital 2K

Projection support : DCP


Directed by Yann Renzi

Cinematography: Antoine Mocquet

Music: Cyril Viguié

Set design: Romain de Saint-Blanquat

Editing: Roxane Fauré-Huet

Special effects: Nicolas Dumoulin, Karim Arsad

Sound: Sylvain Teissier, Adrien Saliba


Cast: Vasco Bailly-Gentaud, Pierre Porquet, Rupert Wynne-James, Vanna Hong and Gigi Proietti.

Adam is a lone and introverted little boy. To compensate for his loneliness, he finds refuge in his very own fantasy world and contemplates the stars. One day, a rather strange object, fallen from the sky, will put a stop to his monotonous life: a kaleidoscope...

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