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Imagination Entertainment was born on Christmas Day 2011, in order to support the promotion of Yann Renzi's STELLE. This day was not chosen by chance: with Christmas, we wanted to convey the idea of a world of enchantment and fantasy.

Based on the cooperation of ambitious and talented artists, Imagination Entertainment is a collective creative space where each professional has the opportunity to offer their best, as well as expressing their ambitions, knowledge and skills. Our films favour the expression of every artistic profession and we are constantly looking for new talents.

Newcomers and experts work together, while creating their new artistic performance through teaching, learning and exchanges.


Our priority is to offer the best working environment on our films sets and to enable a creative context which will value all of our partners' achievements.



Yann Renzi on MUET film set,

by Romain Médard de Chardon


Muet (short film) - currently in festivals

Stelle (short film) - currently in festivals

Cookies (short film)
Prévention routière 2009 

Prévention routière 2008
Comme si de rien n'était (short film)

Underwatcher (short film)

Yann Renzi was born from Italian parents in Geneva, where he followed his school studies while choosing as many artistic subjects as possible. He was also heavily involved in a theatre company as assistant director, and shoots some amateur films with school friends.


In 2005, he moved to Canada and enrolled to the "École de Cinéma et Télévision" in Quebec. Thanks to the making of UNDERWATCHER, his school film assignment, he finished top of the class!


Back in Europe, in 2007, he entered the University of Paris VIII, where he obtained his master Degree. During that time, he directed several short films, including COOKIES, his first film to be nominated in festivals. COOKIES was also hosted for two years by the Alimentarium Museum of Vevey (Nestle Foundation) as part of their permanent exhibition.


STELLE was born in 2011 as part of his studies. From 2013, the film travels the world and is acclaimed in many festivals, claiming numerous awards. STELLE becomed the flagship of IMAGINATION ENTERTAINMENT, newly founded organisation by Yann Renzi.

2014 sees the production of MUET, a story taking place in "Roaring 20's", shooted in the old times' fashion. This short film immediately met success throughout the world, winning many awards


Today, Yann Renzi's life is buzzing with many projects, such as a feature film, and a TV series to name but a few. However he remains faithful to the editorial vision of Imagination Entertainment.

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